Thursday, 18 August 2011

"Wee Z" Cafe Slug or Caffeinated Commuter? Part II

So this "Part II" is more like a part 1.5; short and not particularly concise it does however at least have pictures! As it will take me a while to catch up with where I am today, everything previous is however written and on the Pb forum already, so a more substantial update will be along in the not too distant future. Although we may be measuring in string....

So to the beast! Deadly 60 by the way was ace again, killer whales scare me quite a bit! Now please put on your rose tinted eye protectors or even your beer goggles if you have them to hand.....

Ta da!!!!

 So...... I believe to be a cock tease (as I was originally accused of being through the forum) you have to be in possession of something to tease with! And I'm not quite sure I'm there yet.... However this story has much/many more legs than just this. There will be more to follow, much more!